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Hearts of Palm

We Bring Unsurpassed Quality to Consumers!

Sustainable Product from Costa Rica & Ecuador

Once harvested, the branches regenerate. Our product is cultivated, and processed with the highest standards towards sustainable agriculture, and a safe, respectful working environment.

Hearts of Palm

Contains the most desirable cut of the hearts of palm stem, characterized by full flavor and the highest concentration of nutrients.

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Learn amazing recipes from our sustainable farm to your table!

Recipe Costa Rica

Recipe Costa Rica

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Video Producer Mario Cardona

Producer, director and founder of Costa Rica-based Zen Entertainment, for over thirty years has been a leading figure in the advertising, arts and entertainment industry. His short and full feature films, documentaries, videos and commercials have impacted the diverse landscape of culture, artistic creation and communication.


Cardona’s work is spread throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States.Each project, no matter its size, can transform into something, whether in advertising, arts, music or entertainment, a new way of thinking can transform into action.


Enjoy our delicious and versatile Hearts of Palm in your recipes, or simply from the jar!