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We are the largest producer and leading specialist in

heart palms in the world.

Use of Sustainable Agriculture in the production of hearts of palm means never having to harvest hearts of palm from the rainforest.


Sustainability is the balanced use and preservation of resources for future generations.

Our sustainable agriculture practices contribute to improving the environment through the thoughtful use of natural resources and raw materials while supporting the economic development of our local agricultural communities and society in general.

An important part of our commitment sustainable agricultural is the continued development of a sustainable infrastructure including the extensive use of solar panels to significantly reduce consumption of water and fossil fuel in the hearts of palm manufacturing process.


Our instituted programs have specific benefits to the environment by eliminating all pesticides, minimizing the use of chemicals and continuously reducing the use of non-renewable fuels.

Solar Energy

Since the implementing the use of solar thermal panels [pictured above], diesel consumption has reduced by over 20%, eliminating over 1000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere to date. Allowing our facility to obtain official recognition from the Costa Rica Government for the effectiveness of our sustainability program.


Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are produced in our own premises from the detritus of the processed hearts of palm. Since 2007 we started the process of giving back to the soil the organic matter extracted from the harvest. To the date, we have recycled more than 81,000 tons of hearts of palm shells, reducing in more than 50% the consumption of chemical fertilizers. More than a financial fact, we have restored the natural fertility of the soils, diminished the carbon footprint and increased the natural productivity of our farms. More than 560 tons of hearts of palm shells come directly from Demasa´s owned farms annually.

Carbon Neutral

In early 2015, we obtained the Carbon Neutral certification according to the Costa Rica Government standards. We received the recognition from the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Ministerio de Ambiente y Energia) as a ZERO EMISSION Company. This certification must be renewed every three years.

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Community Friendly

Our commitment reaches into the community with regular cleaning journeys at the local schools, promoting health orientation to the local communities, planting native trees at the banks of local rivers, never allowing child labor, sponsoring holiday celebrations in the local communities as well as providing financial aid during school season and in personal emergencies.

Health Benefits

Sunpix Hearts of palm have many health benefits due to their high nutritional value through their high levels of vitamins and minerals.

There are foods on the market whose components help us maintain a healthy vision, and one of them is the heart of palm, which contains vitamin A which, among other benefits, helps our visual acuity at nights and also prevents dry eyes.


One cup of hearts of palm contains 26 milligrams of bone-strengthening calcium and 204 milligrams of phosphorus, which assists calcium in strengthening and maintaining the skeleton.

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